If you want to drive a top-notch vehicle, but pay less than one would for a brand new model, you may want to consider our collection of Sansone used cars. Here at Sansone Mazda, we believe that buying used can be just as fulfilling as buying new.

What to Know About Buying Sansone Used Cars

Buying new can be pretty exciting, don’t get us wrong, we also understand the potential expense a new car can bring. Brand new cars can be somewhat costly, especially for those who may be on a budget. Fortunately, there is more than just one way to ride home in a satisfying Mazda brand vehicle. Used models can come in at a varied price and state of repair. That said, no matter what model you go with, you can expect a reliable ride when you purchase from our Edison, NJ dealers.

When shopping used, you have two options to choose from, Mazda Certified Pre-Owned and pre-owned. Mazda Certified Pre-Owned models tend to be newer pre-owned vehicles that have arrived on our lot directly from the manufacturer. At the manufacturer factory, these vehicles receive thorough inspections from certified brand mechanics who check every inch of the vehicle. As a result, these cars are in a much greater state of repair than pre-owned models and come with a manufacturer warranty. It’s important to keep in mind, Mazda Certified Pre-Owned models tend to be a bit more expensive than the ordinary pre-owned alternative. The pre-owned models in our showroom also undergo serious inspections, and ought to provide a similar level of reliability and satisfaction behind the wheel.

How Our Dealers Can Help

If you’re interested in buying pre-owned or certified pre-owned our used car dealers are here to help. When you visit Sansone Mazda, we’ll craft our dealership services to match your specific needs, no matter what you’re on the hunt for.